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The globe continue to interface with new challenges and circumstances never imagined before. These continue to act as setbacks and barriers limiting the achievement of desired changes and growth in the lives of ordinary citizens. Diseases, pandemics and conflicts continue to be plug -ins to the suffering of world citizens. The challenges are within and at the same time beyond human control. These include corruption and limited skills, exposure and knowledge and the heavy back to back effects with climate change, pandemics and conflicts. These have largely thwarted investment and heavy resources needful towards driving the transformation of the ordinary citizens’ lives and marginalised communities respectively. South of the Sahara countries bear the brunt of these effects and their development is drawn back thereby throwing the life of many people into diverse limitation, poverty and hunger.


Development Focus is therefore inspired to work together with the societies and development partners to contribute towards finding lasting and sustainable solutions that positively touch the lives of all but with a special interest in women and young people who make up the large population size in the Africa.

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