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Copy of Lights, Camera … Investment? Supporting Growth in Africa’s Creative Industries

By Jason Hopps

What do Disney’s The Lion King and bottled water have in common?

Both served to inspire African animation star Hamid Ibrahim, the 28-year-old Ugandan chief creative officer of Kugali Media, one of Africa’s premier entertainment companies.

When he was a young boy, Ibrahim became so fascinated by a flickering TV ad for bottled water he began dabbling in design. Years later, a viewing of Disney’s 1992 now classic The Lion King sparked his interest in animation and movie making.

“I was surprised to hear some Swahili (widely spoken in East Africa) in the Disney movie and it really captured me and got me into animation,” Ibrahim said.

He developed and nurtured his passion while studying animation in England, learning to code on long bus rides, and picking up other related skills by watching YouTube videos. Read more

Cover image for Disney/Kugali Media’s upcoming series Iwájú. Photo courtesy: Disney/Kugali Media

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