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Fundraising for the Arts and Culture Lesson 1

  • 90Days
  • 1Step


Continuous existence of projects and any initiative need to be sustained by resources. This course has become part of the Sound Connects Academy (SCA) for the reason around horning different institutions under Sound Connects Fund (SCF). The motivation of the course aims at providing a firm understanding of the concepts, context, sources, methods and practices of fundraising in the arts and culture sector bringing broader national and regional contexts. Resources for development support continue to shrink yet knowledge and skills around fundraising continue to be lost and ignored. Fundraising for the Arts and Culture therefore becomes crucial amid global development forces which are forcing the SADC region to receive less attention. This course therefore seeks to buttress financial sourcing for creative enterprises. It is a crucial activity for the sustainability of any organization in the arts and culture sector and also essential for building beneficial partnerships between funders/sponsors, audiences, artists and arts leaders/managers. This course provides to the participants with essential tools to drafting fundraising campaigns, based on the diverse contexts. It is supported by real life examples and stories.

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