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Arts Management and Leadership Part 1

  • 90Days
  • 1Step


Arts Management and Leadership is an evolving field that continues to expand to include contemporary issues in management. It is essentially, a field that brings together artists and audience in a manner that generates value for both. The course walks the participants through application of management principles in the context of arts organizations, cultural operators and creatives broadly revealing management principles - does and don’ts, theories, experiences and practices for promoting growth, innovation and recognition. Participants will be challenged to frame their experience using theories, practices and principles that shape arts management to guarantee revenue generation, growth, incomes and sustainability. The tutorial draws heavily on examples from a broad spectrum of arts organization including performing, visual, film, and crafts. Learners will be exposed to characteristics, practices and structure that require application of management principles in an arts environment relevant in the SADC contexts and even applicable elsewhere should one decides or qualifies to export their talents beyond the border.

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